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CJ Auto is a content provider for its own contents. We provide this material only for your information and are not responsible for any damage that this information may cause. All information provided on mercusedparts.com website has been reviewed and tested and should not harm you or anyone else in any way. For questions, please [contact the webmaster].

We offer hyperlinks ("links") to other content providers on the Internet. This content is, however, not affiliated with the CJ Auto website unless stated otherwise.

Those other contents are not created by CJ Auto, nor do we have the ability to modify the content of other websites. The content of other websites does not necessarily represent the opinion of our website and/or its designer StarHawk Solutions. The link to those websites is a tool for your information.
mercusedparts.com is not responsible for other content that is shown on linked websites that do not have CJ Auto as its host. For information about those websites, please contact the responsible owner of the site. If you personally think that a link to a specific website is not suitable for the usual quality standard of mercusedparts.com you may [contact the webmaster]. We are always willing to enhance our website and if necessary will remove any harmful links.

Privacy notice

The mercusedparts.com website is NOT collecting any visitor information that may identify you personally or may allow us to contact you. The server log files are, however, logging all site traffic including your IP address which is a normal procedure on the internet. This information will only be used to administrate the server the best way possible as it is useless for any other purposes.

We are not using cookies which allow the browser to load personalized content. This is a corporate website which does not have the need to offer personalized pages.

If you actively submit information through and to mercusedparts.com (e.g. by using the contact form), we agree to the following:
Any information you submit via the contact form will be read by and only by us, the owner of CJ Auto website. We respect your privacy and the information you submit will be kept secretly. Your email address (if you enter one) is only used to reply to your comments.

However, standard Internet security issues apply and you should keep in mind that Internet traffic is monitored and in some cases spied upon - In either case I am not responsible for third parties who may read the data that is being transmitted over the world-wide internet.

As already displayed in the disclaimer above, mercusedparts.com is not responsible for websites that are linked with mercusedparts.com (external "links"). Please consult the websites specifically for getting information about their privacy practices.

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